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Building Hope, Building Hospitality, Building for Future
Proposed Welcome Center & ADA Mobility Upgrades


Hope is such an encouraging word! Hope is what keeps us going. It helps us get out of bed each new day, because there is something worth living for. Hope has eluded so many people. Maybe it’s because they looked for hope in a relationship that let them down, or a career that left them wanting. But reality is still the same... everyone needs hope. We believe that hope’s foundation is found in something bigger than ourselves. We need each other, but together we need God. To that end, we believe God is calling us to do something tangible about that right here in our communities!
The population of our immediate area is growing, a growth that is projected to increase. With that growth, God will introduce us to new friends who are looking for hope. We want to make room for them. We have been talking this year about how we can “make room for God” in our lives. A big part of that is making room for the people God sends to us. Making room to welcome them. Making room to get to know them. Making room that is easily accessible, especially for those with mobility issues or special needs.
For that reason, we are proposing the construction of a Welcome Center and a complete ADA mobility upgrade for our entire facility. We are calling it...
Building Hope – Building Hospitality – Building for Heaven
Romans 12:12–13 (ESV) “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.”
In those verses, the Apostle Paul was talking to believers in the church about how to behave like Christians. In fact, that’s the actual heading in my Bible... “Behave like Christians.” We hope you will join us on this journey to build hope, hospitality, and Heaven. Let’s do all we can to make Heaven as crowded as possible! And until then, let’s bring the hope and hospitality of Jesus Christ to the people God sends our way.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how God may want you or your family to participate. Pledge cards are available at the Welcome Center and will help us to estimate and plan this project. 

You can give a one-time gift or set up recurring donations ... chose "Welcome Center & ADA Upgrade" on the pull-down menu of funds.

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Pastor of Student Ministries

The Search Team is currently seeking called and qualified candidates for Pastor of Student Ministries. To learn more about the position, our church, and our community, please review the full position description and qualifications.

Pastor of Student Ministries
The Search Team at First Baptist Church of Hurricane is currently seeking called and qualified candidates for Pastor of Student Ministries.



Denomination: Baptist
Weekly Attendance:  500-600
Location: Hurricane, WV 
The Role: Pastor of Student Ministries

Meet First Baptist Church of Hurricane

Meet-FBCOH.jpgThe Mission of First Baptist Church of Hurricane (FBCOH) is to bring people to Jesus Christ, develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equip them for ministry and their life mission to the glory of God. It is our desire to LOVE CHRIST through our worship, LEARN CHRIST through His Word, and LIVE CHRIST through our service in spreading His love through the gospel. 

Located on Main Street in a thriving city (between Charleston and Huntington, WV, right off Interstate-64), we are experiencing exciting growth within our church family and community. The continued expansion of industries, schools, and neighborhoods in and around Putnam County has generated a sense of excitement and possibility! It has also presented us with opportunities to share Jesus with the many new faces God is bringing to our faith family. This is an exciting season for our church and community!

Main Street        

Main-Street-1.jpgMany things are attracting people to our area. Putnam County schools are always among the top performers in the state and nation. With award-winning arts and sports programs, our area schools are a strong draw. There is also a vibrant and welcoming home-schooling community, multiple Christian schools and preschools, that support member families and offers quality experiences. 

Hurricane has recreation opportunities for every age and level of fitness … all within about 3 miles from FBCOH.  

Valley Park & Waves of Fun is Hurricane’s largest park and outdoor waterpark. Valley Park features walking trails, multipurpose athletic fields and courts, shelters, a dog park, two ponds, and the Waves of Fun Waterpark. It also has a community center with educational opportunities for children and farmer markets for the community. 
Valley-Park.jpgHurricane City Park features picnic areas, playgrounds, athletic fields and areas for baseball, basketball, softball, walking and jogging. The Hurricane Sprayground, is also located in City Park. The Hurricane Reservoir is located directly beside the park where fishing is available from the handicapped-accessible fishing pier. The walking/jogging trail runs along the perimeter of the park and offers scenic views of the City’s Reservoir and loops through the different playground areas. City Park features advanced playground equipment for kids of all ages.

The mostly newly developed recreation area and neighbor to FBCOH is Hurricane Bridge Park!  The 43-acre park features football and baseball fields, playgrounds, pickleball courts, disc golf, and fitness opportunities.

Meeks Mountain Trails

Meeks Mountain is a 30+ mile trail system project that began in 2018 with a mission to build and sustain a network of trails for the health and well-being of the people and create additional opportunities for economic growth. To date, a team of over 450 volunteers has logged nearly 21,000+ hours clearing trails for hikers, bikers, runners, walkers, and trail enthusiasts. Individuals of all ages have dedicated time, money, and physical labor to make this community trail accessible for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts are using these trails to hike, run, and mountain bike with friends and families and they're traveling in from all over our region to experience this growing network of trails.
Meek-Trails.jpgAlthough Putnam County is innovative and advancing, we are also a community with wholesome values. We have a city government whose leadership is committed to the safety and quality of life for every citizen. In just the last several years we have been blessed with two multi-million-dollar parks (Valley Park and Hurricane Bridge Park) complete with state-of-the-art athletic facilities, pickleball courts, disc golf, and other outdoor recreation. This is a great place to live, worship, and play!

About Our Student Ministries

Church-1.jpgStudents face many unique challenges in today’s culture. They are expected to embrace moral positions that directly violate the teachings of Scripture. Those who don’t go along are often ostracized, while those who “go along to get along” are left with a sense of guilt and regret. More than ever, students need leaders who will speak truth into their lives from the context of the Bible. 

We admit, and do not apologize that FBC’s LIFT Student Ministry is FUN! That’s part of it. But we believe you can still have FUN while learning the fundamentals of our faith. Because of that, we are seeking a leader who is committed to both the social and spiritual sides of student ministry. Someone who makes it a joy to learn more about Jesus because it is real for them. We are praying for a Student Pastor who takes the gospel very seriously, while not taking themselves too seriously.

Hurricane, WV has a small-town feel, that makes it easy to build connections outside the church walls. The local school systems and city government understand that it truly takes everyone working together to be a healthy community. Many of our church members and attendees are in leadership in our community. We want to build on these blessing and expand the reach of the gospel.
Students.jpgDuring this transition, student attendance and enthusiasm has continued to be strong. That is largely due to the faithful and long-tenured adult leadership team. Our new Student pastor will be blessed with a group of humble servant leaders who will support and encourage him in his calling. Here’s what a recent graduate said about LIFT.

“At Lift Youth Ministries, students are equipped with the appropriate tools to go out into their adult lives and live for Christ, all while loving others and being successful in whatever ‘next steps’ they may embark on. We play together, we learn together, we cry together, and we grow together. What a pleasure it is to be a part of that process.”       -Sarah

If God leads you to serve Him at FBC, here is a look at some of the Pastor of Student Ministries responsibilities... 

About the Pastor of Student Ministries Position

The Student Pastor provides leadership, pastoral care, and ministry oversight for students in 6-12th grade and their families.

Expectations and Qualifications


  • Maturing follower of Jesus Christ, actively pursuing spiritual growth, who has submitted to believer’s baptism by immersion and affirms our Constitution, Bylaws, and Articles of Faith.
  • Gifted teacher who communicates God’s Word in an engaging manner.
  • Possesses an outgoing personality, genuine love for students and their families, and the ability to inspire them in their walk with Jesus.
  • Reputation for being a person of godliness who is Biblically-grounded.
  • Affirms a complementarian view of Biblical manhood and womanhood.

  • Exemplifies Christ-like character and leadership.  
  • Experienced in ministry and proven in leading a student ministry.
  • Educationally trained in ministry and Biblical studies with a minimum of a Bible degree from a conservative Bible College or Seminary.
  • Must be in relatively good health, able to function independently, having flexibility and personal integrity.
  • Compassionate in recognizing and meeting the needs of others, innovative, action oriented, committed to results.
  • Gifted in the faithful expositional communication of Scripture in spoken and written forms.
  • Able to carry out duties in a professional manner with a strong ethical code. 
  • Is a self-starter who takes initiative, with the ability to identify and solve problems. 
  • Exhibits wisdom in discerning issues and sensitive situations, maintaining confidentiality and discretion.
  • Must be able to manage multiple, competing priorities, while coping with emotional and mental stresses of the position. 
  • Must be equipped to navigate issues with students and their families.
  • Must be able to respond in a Christ-honoring way when under pressure, while remaining mission focused and organized.
  • Has or can acquire a Commercial Driver’s License for the purpose of operating the church bus.

Duties & Responsibilities

Ministry Responsibilities

  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will oversee the planning of all services, programs and events for the middle school and high school students of the church.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will lead and organize effective youth programs for all 6 to 12 grade students of the church.  Implementing fellowship, worship, Biblical teaching, discipleship, and evangelism, as well as ministry and mission opportunities.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will develop social and recreational activities for students with the goal of building community and reaching students for Christ.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will be responsible for communicating an overall message to families and the church body of being an interconnected ministry whose ultimate goal is to partner with those families.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will be intentional about personal evangelism and leading people to faith in Christ, while equipping students to live on mission and leverage their lives for the sake of the gospel.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will provide students with ongoing opportunities for serving, leadership development, and spiritual growth.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries is the primary teacher, leader, and vision caster of the student ministries of the church.  The Pastor of Student Ministries will teach/preach, organize, and promote:
    • Student Sunday School
    • Student Sunday Evening worship
    • Student Wednesday evening Bible study and activities
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will promote, organize, attend, and be responsible for:
    • Student Retreats
    • Annual mission trip for high school students
    • WV Baptist Convention activities
    • WV Baptist Camp at Cowen
    • Other local, regional and / or national youth activities
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will encourage student involvement in local schools and community Christian groups.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will maintain a consistent presence in local middle and high school campuses.    
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will develop and maintain a system of contact for visitors and inactive students.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will organize an Adult Leadership Team to:
    • Recruit and maintain a target ratio of 1 adult leader to every 5 youth.    
    • Ensure all adult leaders are in compliance with all church policies and conduct required background checks.
    • Meet quarterly with the Adult Leadership Team for planning, training and team building.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will develop, maintain, and distribute:
    • Adult Leadership Team directory 
    • Adult Leadership Team teaching schedule 
    • Annual Events calendar
    • Curriculum, in cooperation with the Board of Christian Education
    • Develop and maintain a system of mentorship for active students
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will develop, promote, organize, and oversee a Student Leadership Team comprised of mature, Biblically-grounded, high school students.

Staff Responsibilities

  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will serve as a faithful member of First Baptist Church with his family, through service, giving, and involvement, including attendance and participation in corporate worship on Sunday mornings, and encourage the students to do likewise.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will be a full-time staff member, be present in the building during regular church office hours and inform the office staff of schedule changes.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will quarterly submit plans/materials to the Senior Pastor for approval.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will submit the following to the Board of Christian Education:  Sunday School curriculum materials for grades 6 through 12, current list of Adult Leadership Team, and annual Student Ministry budget.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will submit the following to the church office: current contact information for all students, records of attendance, medical forms (updated annually), dates and details for all Student Ministry events (for inclusion in the master church calendar), Student Ministry news and events (for inclusion in the church newsletter), requests for facility and vehicle usage, a Student Ministry Report to be included in the Annual Report, financial plan and monthly receipts.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will participate in the following: weekly staff meetings, quarterly meetings with Senior Pastor (to provide update on student ministry), church business meetings as needed.

Communication Responsibilities

  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will communicate with parents/guardians regarding dates, times and costs for all upcoming events and activities. 
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will be intentional about personal evangelism and leading people to faith in Christ.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will provide advance notice to parents/guardians concerning intended discussion topics of a sensitive nature.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will be available for parent/guardian discussions regarding concerns, feedback, questions, and requests for counseling or resource recommendations.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will seek the counsel of the Senior Pastor for developing a plan of communication with parents/guardians when a student is exhibiting concerning behavior.
  • The Pastor of Student Ministries will utilize effective methods of communication to promote events, activities and weekly programing to staff, students, parents/guardians and church body.

Wow! That’s a lot to consider! But thank you for taking the time to consider it. We’re confident that “The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. 24 Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the LORD holds them by the hand.Psalm 37:23–24 (NLT). We are praying for His direction in your life!

Is God leading you to take the next step? 

To learn more, or to express interest in this ministry opportunity, please email